Pearl Re-Stringing

Pearl Re-Stringing


Traditionally, quality pearl necklaces are strung on silk thread. However, over time this can get grubby, stretch and break.

Our pearl re-stringing service includes a thorough clean, and complete restring to keep your pearls in good condition and looking like new.

The Process:

  1. First, we snip the existing string and then restring on a temporary strand.
  2. Your pearls are then soaked in warm water to loosen and remove any cosmetic left overs.
  3. Once this is done the pearls are rinsed, wiped with a soft, non abrasive cloth and left to dry.
  4. If required clasps and fittings are re-plated to remove tarnish.
  5. Then we string the pearls on double or quadruple strands of silk thread and knotted to match how it was when new.

We have an experienced team of jobbing Jewellers, Stone setters and Pearl stringers.  Please contact us for details.