Jewellery Alterations & Repairs

Jewellery Alterations

A new lease of life

Over the years our jewellery suffers considerable stresses and strains. Normal wear and tear can dull the metal, settings can become loose and even fall out. Clasps get weaker. Why not give them a new lease on life. Our professional jewellers painstakingly renew tired or broken jewellery helping restore them to as new condition. Allowing you many more years of enjoyment.

We will take you through a full No Obligation consultation to give new life and love to your items, whether they are inherited or you just no longer enjoy wearing them in their current condition. Smiths Jewellers in Newark offer quality jewellery alterations and repairs at competitive prices.

What you can expect:

  • All jewellery repairs including ring sizing, bracelet repairs, setting missing stones or diamonds and restringing necklaces
  • Fully insured postal service if required
  • Free no obligation consultation
  • Fast turnaround – most repairs are returned in a fortnight. If it is special job, it may take a little longer
  • We carry out repairs that other jewellers won’t attempt and pride ourselves in our high repair standards
  • Rest assured we take care of your treasured jewellery and return it to you beautifully restored

If you’ve lost a stone from your jewellery. We can help source and fit replacements. We can offer all types of stones, you may even wish to upgrade your existing stones to give your jewellery a completely new look.

Ring Resizing

Do you need your ring made bigger or small? We are happy to offer a full ring resizing service.

Clasp & Link repair

Broken clasps and links can make your jewellery unwearable. We can replace them with quality parts and on most occasions to the same design as the original.


Help bring the shine back into your jewellery, we can even offer Rhodium plating to give it a new sparkle.

Claw Re-tipping

The claws on your rings are a vital part of its design. Over time they can become dirty, damaged and loose, risking the integrity of the piece and loss of stones. We can help rebuild worn claws or even full replacement.

Deep Cleaning

Often this is all your jewellery needs to restore it to its former perfection. This is an inexpensive way of rescuing your jewels.

Necklace Repair

We restore broken necklaces. We can do clasp repairs, replacements, soldering, rhodium plating and more.